Testimonials (Northern Elite Osprey Baseball)


"Just wanted to write to you to say thanks for the push to put Aidan into the skills development. I had been worried that the drive there and back after school was going to be too much for us, but the sessions have been so great that I'm really glad we decided to join . Coach to player ratio is awesome and I love the quality of the technical instruction - especially with the batting last week; I feel like he has a completely new swing. Aidan is walking around the house all weekend throwing towels at the walls and practicing that back foot load. Really enjoying the sessions."...Neil Glennie (Parent)

"I wanted to take a minute to say that after watching the Osprey practice myself last night I was impressed with the level of teaching that is going on. As a parent, watching your son be able to do what he truly loves to do and grow as a young man and player the way he has over the last few months has been an amazing experience. Baseball has done so much for his mental health and confidence on and off the field. We wanted to thank you for giving Jaeden this opportunity to get top notch training and gain more skills. If Jaeden has his way he would train 3 nights a week! I don't have Brad's email but please pass my thanks on to him as well."...Jen Novak (parent)